Le nostre proposte in cucina...

sabato 18 febbraio 2012

let's have a carnival party with Italian sweets

Frappe,chiacchiere,bugie,cenci o stracci:many names for one delicious dessert that combines the traditions of the Italian carnival


·         500 gr flour 
·         50 gr unsalted butter
·         3 eggs
·         a pinch of salt 
·         1 tablespoon cognac (to add only if you like it)
·         1/3 cup confectioners sugar or honey
·         Oil for deep frying

Make a fairly stiff dough with these ingredients, kneading it thoroughly, and adding more flour if it comes out too soft.

Roll the dough out and cut it into strips as long as you like and 2-3 cm wide.

Make a cut down the middle of each frappa ,twist the side strips without breaking them, fry them in hot oil and dust them with honey or confectioners sugar when they’re cool.

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